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FUE Hair Restoration | West+Bond

A quantum leap forward in FUE technology

The ARTAS ® System is a state-of-the-art, interactive, computer-assisted system utilizing an advanced image-guided robotic device to enhance the quality of hair follicle harvesting. It achieves the highest level of healthy hair available for transplantation by using small dissecting punches and the patented Harris S.A.F.E. System TM technology.

Traditional hair transplant methods remove a strip of scalp from the back of the head, containing follicles that are then transplanted. This leaves a linear scar in the donor area. By contrast, with the ARTAS ® robot each follicle is removed one-by-one from the donor site and then implanted into thinning areas. The robot represents a quantum leap forward in hair transplant technology.

The ARTAS Advantage:
• Virtually 100% of patients are candidates
• Increased availability of donor hair due to reduced follicle damage
• Decreased post-operative pain and reduced healing time
• No visible linear scarring
• Natural, undetectable, permanent results 100% of the time

What to expect with an ARTAS FUE procedure

Your head will be shaved:
The entire donor area will be shaved to a length of 1mm so the robot’s vision system can accurately see the angles and direction of the hair.

The procedure may take 1 or 2 days:
If you’re having a procedure that requires 2000 grafts or more the procedure will be performed over two consecutive days.

You might visit the clinic the day before the procedure:
Depending on the number of grafts you require, the recipient sites may be determined the day before.

Expect some scabbing:
You will have small red scabs in both the harvest and recipient areas that will disappear within 7-10 days.

ARTAS and the Harris Protocol

Dr. James Harris, founder and Medical Director at West+Bond, was the lead consulting physician on the development of this groundbreaking robotic technology, and is considered the foremost medical authority on the ARTAS system. He has developed the Harris Protocol, West+Bond’s proprietary and proven methodology for ensuring optimal hair transplant results utilizing the ARTAS robot.

ARTAS and West+Bond Founder Doug Kelly M.D.

West+Bond founder and CEO, Doug Kelly M.D., was a founding venture investor and board member at Restoration Robotics, and as such oversaw the pre-clinical and clinical development and commercial launch of the ARTAS hair transplant robot. Doug, who had a Norwood VI-level of hair loss, was the first large case performed with the first-generation robot. In short, you have found a team possessing unsurpassed expertise to perform your ARTAS FUE hair transplant.

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