Black Car Service

Chances are you are not a movie star. We treat you like one anyway.

It’s the day of your procedure. There is a million things going through your mind. The last thing you need to worry about is finding the clinic and getting there on time. Don’t worry about it. We will come and get you. We contract with a black car service whose only job is to get you safely and comfortably to West+Bond. Our whole team will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Because at West+Bond, it’s about high-tech meets high-touch, and it’s all about you.

We invite you to ask Dr. Harris a question about your unique circumstances. He personally answers all inquiries. 

Don’t worry about getting home either. We’ve got that covered too.

Congratulations, you’ve just had your procedure. It’s been a long day, and not only did you have topical anesthesia, but you probably also had some medication that made you more relaxed. We don’t want you driving home like that and dealing with the stress of traffic, or worrying that a loved one had to wait for your procedure to finish. We’ll get you home the same way you came, in a comfortable black car. It’s on us. The only thing we want you to do on your way home is to daydream about your new hair. Visit our hair transplant before and after gallery to see actual results, and read rave hair transplant reviews from actual patients. 

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The Decision

This is a decision that is uniquely your own. We honor that, always.