Eyebrow Transplant

This is sure to raise some eyebrows.

An FUE eyebrow transplant can enhance your natural expression and beauty

The loss or thinning of eyebrows is much more common than people think. Often a natural part of the aging process in both men and women, eyebrow loss can be exacerbated by years of aggressive plucking and shaping. Most people don’t know that you don’t have to live with thin eyebrows anymore. An eyebrow transplant is an extraordinarily effective and highly artistic procedure whereby hair follicles are meticulously chosen from a donor area on the back and sides of the head and transplanted one-by-one to the brow. A lush, perfectly arched brow can create a deeper, more nuanced expression, amplify emotion and enhance your natural beauty.

Creating a natural-looking eyebrow that also matches a client’s sense of style is an extraordinarily complex task. At West+Bond, we take a team approach to maximize the number of options you have by working with the best eyebrow stylists in the business. Our stylists have spent decades styling their high-end clients’ eyebrows, and that kind of expertise is important to incorporate into creating the best clinical and aesthetic outcome to bring out the best version of you. Using a number of different techniques, you can “test drive” the eyebrows you want over several days or weeks before making a decision. When you decide on a style that is right for you, our stylists collaborate in the design with our surgeons who then develop a surgical plan and then execute the transplant itself. With so much at stake, it is essential to have a experienced transplant surgeon skilled in matching the natural look, texture, color and orientation of your brows, hair and skin tone. Our Medical Director, Dr. James Harris, MD, a world leader in follicular unit extraction (FUE) developed specific aspects of the Harris Protocol solely to create the most natural looking eyebrows possible. He and Dr. Manu Gujrati, MD use this expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and teamwork to naturally enhance eyebrows using one’s own hair. In short, look no further than West+Bond.

We invite you to ask Dr. Harris a question about an eyebrow procedure. He personally answers all inquiries. Or visit our hair transplant before and after gallery to see actual results, and read rave hair transplant reviews from actual patients. 

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Let’s face it: A tattooed eyebrow does not look natural.

You can tattoo or dye the hairs you have in your eyebrows, but the results can often look painted on, fake, even theatrical. By contrast, an FUE eyebrow transplant delivers natural, beautiful, permanent eyebrows that grow in the shape that best fits your face and features. Furthermore, an FUE eyebrow transplant is virtually undetectable because transplanted hairs blend with your existing brow hair follicles. The color is your own because the follicles are your own.

Will my eyebrow transplant look natural?

In a word: Yes. Your new brows will amplify and enhance your eyes and face, naturally. The end result is undetectable, even to those closest to you.

Just as hair thins and changes over time, eyebrows do too. We can help restore them to the fullness you desire – strong and bold, delicate and dainty – whatever is your best, natural look.

Designing the eyebrow is an art. Don’t trust it to just anyone.

Think of the nuances in the shape of your brow and how it can dramatically affect your face. Transplanting the right amount of hair in precisely the right shape takes the kind of expertise and precision our surgeons have perfected, following the Harris Protocol. Our eyebrow stylists and surgeons collaborate to individually design your transplant taking into account:

  • The shape of your face
  • Your facial features
  • Your existing arch shape
  • Presence of existing brow hair
  • Space between brows
  • Brow length
  • Thickness, color, texture and curl of donor hair

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