FUE Hair Transplant For Men

Hair today, gone tomorrow.
“Get used to it” doesn’t have to be the answer.
fue hair transplant for men

An FUE hair transplant for men can transform the way you look. For the better.

An FUE hair transplant for men is a minimally invasive procedure that usually lasts a day, is virtually painless, leaves no linear scar, and delivers results that are 100% natural, permanent, undetectable and life-changing. Hair follicles are removed from the donor area (usually the back and sides of the head), then transplanted hair-by-hair unit to the thinning or bald areas. West+Bond’s Medical Director, Dr. James Harris, is the inventor of a patented FUE technology and a pioneer of the FUE technique. West+Bond surgeon Dr. Manu Gujrati trained extensively with Dr. Harris in this proprietary Harris Protocol to ensure the optimum result and the highest standards of quality. We invite you to ask Dr. Harris a question about your unique circumstances. He personally answers all inquiries. Or visit our hair transplant before and after gallery to see actual results, and read rave hair transplant reviews from actual patients. 

It’s ok if you’re not ok with going bald.

You may have had enough of comb-overs and baseball caps. You may be done with avoiding pools, wind, the ocean…anything that exposes your lack of hair. You may have had it with being “the bald guy,” as though your lack of hair is the single thing that defines you. Perhaps you are changing jobs to one where a youthful appearance is important. Maybe you just started dating again. If so, you now have a viable option to breaking out the buzzer and shaving your head. No plugs. No linear scars. No embarrassment. No kidding.

West+Bond founder Doug Kelly went from a Norwood VI (read: he was bald) to a full head of natural, permanent hair that is appropriate to his age, and undetectable as a hair transplant. Chances are an FUE hair transplant for men can do the same for you.

Watch Doug’s video testimonial

The Results

Watch Douglas Kelly’s video testimonial

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) means your look is transformed, naturally.

Women may go from being blonde to brunette in an afternoon and think nothing of showing off their new look to their friends. You, on the other hand, would most likely want to change your look in a way that is subtle, but profoundly successful in achieving the look you desire.

FUE hair restoration transplants an entire follicular unit (a tiny bundle of hairs and their surrounding supportive tissue) from another part of your head so it grows into the new area naturally, over time. Your hair fills in and your hair is transformed without strips, linear scars or shocking overnight changes. No one can tell you have had a hair transplant. You simply look better, younger, and have fuller head of hair within a few months. And we include a year of free monthly hair styling and cuts with any hair transplant procedure. Call for details.

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At West + Bond, we work with men across the spectrum of hair thinning and hair loss.

No matter where your hair loss falls on the Norwood Classification System, our role is to help you make the best decision for your unique look, wishes and lifestyle.

Type 1 no hair loss

Type 2 beginning of a receding hairline

Type 3 significant receding at the temples and forehead; may also include some crown loss

Type 4 temples, forehead and crown exhibit hair loss

Type 5 hair loss is significant

Type 6 patients show major hair loss, but still have areas with donor hair available. Transplanting is an excellent option for classes 1 through 6.

Type 7 advanced, significant loss of hair. There may or may not be sufficient donor hair for transplantation.

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