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Minoxidil (Rogaine®)

Minoxidil, more commonly known by its non-generic moniker Rogaine, is an over-the-counter topically applied medication that is applied to the crown of the head, in the frontal region, temples, or anywhere that thinning hair is present. It has been scientifically proven to prevent hair loss and regrow hair in men and women. Rogaine was the first FDA-approved hair-loss prevention medication and is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for hair regrowth.

Application is simple

Rogaine should be applied twice a day, every day (once a day is acceptable if using the foam version). After the first two weeks, hair loss may appear to increase, as minoxidil penetrates the scalp and old, thin hair is shed. This can be concerning, but it is a necessary and temporary part of the process of promoting new, robust hair follicles.

After approximately four months, new hair follicles will begin to grow and new hair will appear. For best results Rogaine should be continuously applied on a daily basis. The foam version is recommended over the liquid version, as it is easier to apply and dries quickly. It is more expensive than the liquid, but the foam only needs to be applied once a day.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) side effects

Rogaine  has been on the market since the 1980s, and has no reported drug interactions. In rare cases, minor side effects have been reported such as skin irritation, light-headedness, heart palpitations and dizziness.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) for women

The active ingredient in Women’s Rogaine stimulates inactive follicles in women and has been scientifically proven to prevent hair loss and even promote new hair growth. A liquid solution of 2% is used for women, as opposed to the usual 5% minoxidil for men. The 5% minoxidil foam applied once a day is approved for woman. Some physicians recommend men’s strength Minoxidil for women. Discuss your options with your doctor.

Where to buy Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Rogaine can be found online at Amazon, your local drugstore, or grocery store. It can also be purchased at Costco, which often offers the lowest pricing. Prices vary but the average cost for a three-month supply is $40. Generic minoxidil tends to be less expensive.

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