No Shave FUE

No shave. No down time.

No Shave FUE skips the shave and gets right to the growing.

For many men and women, shaving the head is not a viable option. Our No Shave FUE procedure is an advanced FUE technique where individual hairs (actually follicular units) are trimmed short in preparation for extraction then transplantation. Only those follicles targeted for removal are trimmed—the rest of the hair is left long, which covers the shorter, trimmed follicles. No shaving or cutting of the existing surrounding hair is necessary. This obscures signs of a transplant both before and after the procedure, making it even more discreet and undetectable. Now you can get a state-of-the-art no shave hair transplant in the San Francisco area.

We invite you to ask Dr. Harris a question about your unique circumstances. He personally answers all inquiries. Or visit our hair transplant before and after gallery to see actual results, and read rave hair transplant reviews from actual patients. 

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Maximum privacy, minimum inconvenience.

By contrast, other Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures require very short hair so surgeons and/or the robot can see and determine which hairs are most suitable for extraction and transplantation. Therefore the head is typically buzzed or shaved. However, the precision inherent in the Harris S.A.F.E™ System allows for an individual follicular trim and no shave FUE. You’ll be the only person to know that you’re in the process of growing more hair. And we include a year of free monthly hair styling and cuts with any hair transplant procedure. Call for details.

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