Styling and Design

State-of-the-art science + your very own stylist under one roof. Welcome to a new era in hair restoration.

You start with a physician and stylist consultation. Because hair just anywhere isn’t the point.

You have a natural hairline (even if you think it’s disappeared). And you have a natural way your hair grows, curls, waves, and works with your wonderfully unique features. So, we start your hair transformation journey with a physician and stylist consultation. Beginning with a conversation with a collaborative team sets our integrated experience apart.

Meet our team

This is how we start every client consultation. Stylish? Yes. Imperative? Absolutely.

At your first West+Bond appointment, a professional hair stylist will work with you to learn the history of your hairline, understand the way you want to look, and help determine what’s possible.

Once you’re finished with your complimentary styling consultation, you’ll meet with a West+Bond physician to discuss your stylist’s findings and see how our advanced hair restoration technology and protocol can best be applied to achieve your goals. And you get a year of free monthly hair styling and cuts with any hair transplant procedure. 

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The Decision

This decision is uniquely your own. We honor that, always.

We make you look amazing every step of the way.

For patients scheduled to undergo a West+Bond procedure where very short hair is required, we can provide sequentially shorter stylings to gradually transition to the procedure hair length. We will try to make the transitions and impact on your life as subtle as possible.

Visit our hair transplant before and after gallery to see actual results, and read rave hair transplant reviews from actual patients. 

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